Simple Tips for Writing a Dissertation Conclusion

Dissertation Conclusion: Professional Guide

A dissertation conclusion captures the main points discussed in the thesis and provides a final thought about the research. Its delivery serves to communicate the significance of the study and set the reader at rest as they wrap up. While the conclusion is a summarized version of the entire dissertation, it is crucial to tailor it to the readers' preferences. Here are tricks for writing a dissertation conclusion.

Stay Away From Short Paragraphs

A dissertation conclusion is not a synopsis of the whole paper. So keep it within 6 sentences. This is a summary of the key takeaways from the dissertation. Avoid cramming it with words as it can make the reader lose interest. This works to leave the reader with something to think about instead of the research's strong point.

Avoid the temptation of writing a paragraph with each key point. The paragraphs should have a smooth transition to allow the reader to understand the overall argument. Instead, give the concluding paragraph a single main idea that is well presented. Keep the paragraphs short, but do not leave the reader with a hangover after reading only one sentence.

Use Customizable Typography

Diction is a crucial part of academic writing. It should be expressed using appropriate type, and the font size, heading style, and font color should match the selected style. Keep the text size at 12Pts (paragraphs). This is a popular choice with many readers.

The secret to getting the correct font is to ask your instructor or department. Some will provide the best font size and style to use for the dissertation conclusion. Others will allow you to pick from a collection of commonly used fonts. Either way, make the decision after reading the instructions.

Keep the Conclusion Simple and Straight to the Point

A dissertation conclusion is not a summary of ideas. Instead, it should act as a reminder of why the research matters. The main point should be present in this section, but it should also be accompanied with evidence and discussion to support it.

Some of the most effective ways to remember the key takeaways of the research are:

  • Using the research to think about current matters.
  • An example of how the study has influenced your life.
  • Show how the research has influenced the reader.

Avoid giving the concluding paragraph a life of its own. This makes the discussion section difficult to read and overlook. Instead, keep it simple by keeping the conclusion a recap of the key points discussed in the paper.

It is best writing a movie review to use one main to elaborate on throughout the dissertation. This keeps the discussion section simple and straight to the point. Besides, research completion is often gradual, so avoid raising major arguments in the conclusion.

It is common for students to make the mistake of writing a dissertation conclusion in a hurry. While the paragraph should be precise, it would help if you re-read the entire paper to check for mistakes. A final check is to ask an expert in the subject to re-read the conclusion and give feedback. Improving the writing will result in a higher score and better grade. Keep practicing to write a dissertation conclusion that meets the current academic standards.

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